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Game development and Blockchain

 Through our partnership with Arctic Game Labs, supported by the Swedish government, we are creating the largest game development program, dedicated to innovative video games with blockchain technology.


P2P financial transactions Decentralized tournaments
Token rewards and incentives via Smart Contracts Integration into existing games
Transaction speed 200k tx/min Sidechain integration
Near instant transactions VR specific API



Alaris Roadmap – 2019

Long-term Potential and Incentives

Q1 2019 Kick off for Alaris Airdrop for EBST holders
CES 2019 Alaris demonstration
BTC Miami meetups with stakeholders
Alaris Battles VR Game completed
Marketing campaign for Alaris Battles VR Game

Q2 2019 Airdrop payout for Q1 2019 holders of eBoost (EBST)
Unity plugin completed
Alaris powered VR Tournaments

Q3 2019 Airdrop payout for Q2 2019 holders of eBoost (EBST)
Alaris Salad mobile API beta release
Alaris used for tuition payments at School of Boden

Q4 2019 Airdrop payout for Q3 2019 holders of eBoost (EBST)
Launch of VR decentralized applications
Alaris powered VR Tournaments


 Rewriting the rules in the game development & blockchain space


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